Handmade unique iron candelabra / chandelier

Here we have an interesting well made iron chandelier/candelabra which was found in an old barn in France. This wonderful piece probably graced a space in a large Manoir in its past. The piece consists of eight candle holders and three electric bulb fittings. This arrangement allows for lighting up a room at a flick of a switch or to enjoy the wonderful ambiance of candle light for which there is no substitute. The fitting is quite heavy at approx 15kg and hangs impressively.

Finished in enamel black paint, the fitting really is a rare find in its own right and one which is not too easy to readily discover.

As with all electrical equipment, the fitting should be checked by a competent electrician prior to use to ensure its conforms to local requirements and it is not sold tested, however it functions without issue as can be seen in the images.

All in all a really wonderful statement piece to compliment a demanding space.

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